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M11 Mallet Putter with Pink Ivory

M11 Mallet Putter with Pink Ivory

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An exotic hardwood core surrounded by a sculpted stainless steel perimeter creates a stunning mallet design that delivers form, function, and feel. 

Perimeter weighting of the M11 mallet putter creates a stable and balanced feel plus a large forgivable sweet spot. Favors a pendulum-type stroke. 

Pink ivory is a strikingly pink and highly treasured rare wood from Africa that is known as the "royal wood" of the Zulus. As a result, its use was once rumored to be restricted to royalty only – which only served to increase its desirability and price. Select pink ivory if you love the look and want a solid but soft feel to your putts. Janka hardness is 2320. (For reference, the Janka hardness of oak is 1300)

The M11 mallet putter conforms with USGA rules of golf. (Decision 2011-999)

M11 Mallet-Style Putter Specs

Head material (metal) 304 stainless steel
Head material (wood) Pink ivory wood
Head weight 340g - 360g
Loft 4 degrees
Swing weight D8 - E2
Shaft angle 72 degrees
Head size 4 x 1 x 2.375 inches
Shaft length 33 - 35 inches
Shaft offset 3/8 inch
Balance Face balanced


  • Mallet putter includes leather head cover with magnetic closure.
  • Since all putters are hand crafted to your selections, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
  • Other grips are available upon request. Please email us or add a note in your shopping cart.
  • If you require a specific swing weight, lie angle, or shaft offset please email us or add a note in your shopping cart.
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