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CP2022 Mahogany and Copper Mallet Putter

CP2022 Mahogany and Copper Mallet Putter

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Right or Left Handed

Wood, copper, and tungsten combine to form a stunning and functional putter that takes advantage of each materials natural properties. The result is a satisfying feel and sound of wood with the performance of metal.

Mahogany and maple wood alignment stripe - Maple stripe gives you confidence that you are aligned correctly. Mahogany creates a contrast and beautiful grain to help with positive calming thoughts.

Copper inserts - The face insert is milled with a texture to help the ball to start rolling quicker. Copper base plate adds more weight low in the head for a solid but soft feel.

Tungsten weighting - The "eyes" in the back of the putter are filled with 180 grams of tungsten to give the putter the proper weight for a pendulum stroke. The weight is also distributed to the sides to help forgiveness

Natural Copper face insert and base plate will develop a beautiful patina with use. This CP2020 putter has been used for several month and been exposed to water and course chemicals.
CP2020 mallet putter copper patina

Wood varies greatly in color and grain. If you would like to select your favorite piece, CP can email you a few options to choose from. Email us to request pictures.

CP2020 Mallet-Style Putter Specs

Head material Wood, copper, tungsten
Head weight 340g - 360g*
Loft 3 degrees
Swing weight D4 - E2**
Shaft angle 72 degrees
Head size 4.5 x 1 x 2.375 inches
Shaft length 33 - 35 inches
Shaft offset 3/8 inch
Balance Face balanced
Cover Leather with magnetic closure


  • Mallet putter includes leather head cover with magnetic closure.
  • Since all putters are hand crafted to your selections, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
  • Other grips are available upon request. Please email us or add a note in your shopping cart.
  • If you require a specific swing weight, lie angle, or shaft offset please email us or add a note in your shopping cart.
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