Putter Care

Wood care

Wipe with a damp soft cloth. Wood is finished with a marine-quality urethane for durability. If wood looks dull or has been exposed to harsh fertilizers, apply a quality clear paste wax to the entire club head – metal and wood. Noncolored automotive and furniture waxes containing Carnauba wax provide the best protection.

Metal care

Wipe with damp soft cloth to clean. Putters are made from 300-series stainless steel that will not rust. Keep black oxide putters in head cover to prevent scratches. Black oxide can scratch revealing stainless steel color below.

Use a head cover to prevent dents and scratches.

Golf balls will not dent the wood strike face of the club, but do take precautions not to strike the club against hard or sharp objects like rocks.

Dry the putter after each round.

The woods used in CP wood-core putters are very dense and naturally resistant to damage from moisture, although the club head should not be left wet or in contact with water. Dry your putter after each round, and do not store it in a head cover that is wet.

Store the putter in a heated space during winter.

Freezing temperatures should not effect the durable wood core, but this it just a precaution. I have kept my CP putter in the garage over the last four winters and it has been fine.

CP putters are designed and built only for putting.

Caney Putterworks wood-core putters are intended for use on or surrounding the putting surface. They are not designed to take the force of a full iron or driver golf swing.

Contact us at info@caneyputterworks.com if you have any questions.