CP2020 Putter Care - Caney Putterworks

The CP 2020 putter conforms with USGA rules

Wood care

Wipe with a damp soft cloth. Wood is finished with polyurethane for durability. If wood looks dull or has been exposed to harsh fertilizers, apply a quality clear paste wax to the wood. Non-colored automotive and furniture waxes containing Carnauba wax provide the best protection.

Metal care

Wipe with damp soft cloth to clean. Copper inserts will develop a patina with age. 

Limited Warranty

Caney Putterworks putters are guaranteed to the original owner to be free of material and manufacturing defects for two years from the date of purchase. Please contact Caney Putterworks to discuss a problem, club modifications, or refurbishment.

Use a head cover to prevent dents and scratches.

Take precautions not to strike the club against rocks or sharp objects. 

Dry the putter after each round.

Club head should not be left wet or in contact with water after play. Dry your putter after each round, and do not store it in a head cover that is wet. 

Store the putter in a heated space during winter.

To be safe you should store your putter in a dry heated location for the winter if you live in a cold climate. 

Contact us at info@caneyputterworks.com if you have any questions.

CP2020 wood putter