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b15 blade putter wood insert - caney putterworks

An exotic hard wood core surrounded by sculpted stainless steel creates a stunning blade-putter design that delivers form, function, and feel.

Face balanced weighting of the B15 blade putter communicates a solid feel with exceptional feedback. This design favors a straight back and through pendulum-type stroke.

The B15 blade putter Conforms with the Rules of Golf. (Decision 2016-0553)

Sculptural Form

B15 putter form
  • The beautiful form and pure feel of the CP sculptural design is both calming and inspires confidence.
  • The sculptural CP wood core can come in a variety of exotic hardwoods. Make your putter the most personal club in your bag.*
  • The sculptural metal is crafted from 300-series stainless steel and ideally distributes club mass in the heel and toe.
* Cocobolo and pink ivory have unique properties that make them ideal for use in CP putters. Other wood species can be used if properly stabilized. Contact CP if you have a favorite wood you would like used in your putter.

Functional Technology

B15 putter function
  • Metal removed from the face and center of the putter head moves weight to the heel and toe.
  • Hardwood core and striking surface provides excellent feel and also visually narrows the golfer’s focus.
  • The precision-machined wood core is secured to the club head with high-strength epoxy.

Exceptional Feel

B15 putter feel
  • The satisfying sound and feel of dense wood striking the golf ball are both rewarding and assuring to enhance the enjoyment of play.
  • The B15 blade putter's feedback lets you know when you have made a great stroke and rewards you with an indescribably satisfying feel only wood can provide.
  • The heel and toe weighting creates a stable feel that wants to stay square to the target.

B15 Blade-Style Putter Specs

Head material (metal) 303 stainless steel
Head material (wood) Cocobolo (standard)
Head weight 335g*
Loft 4 degrees
Swing weight D2**
Shaft angle 72 degrees
Head size 4.25 x 1 x 1.25 inches
Shaft length 33 - 35 inches
Shaft offset Full shaft
Balance Face balanced

* CP will add or subtract weight from the club head to achieve the desired swing weight.
** If you require a specific swing weight, please specify in the Special Instructions section when ordering.

CP putters are designed, manufactured, and hand assembled in the U.S.A.