About CP

Caney Putterworks LLC was founded by Noah Caney to satisfy his need for an excellent performing golf putter and a stunning design that inspired confidence and pride to enhance the sheer enjoyment of play. 

As an avid golfer, a fine craftsman, and an accomplished designer with achievements in industrial design, graphic design, and architecture, Noah Caney was motivated to develop his own putter designs with a focus on ideal function, beautiful form, and exceptional feel. 

“After twenty years of play, I enjoyed putting more when I designed a wood-core club that provided the satisfying feel and reward of a well-struck shot.” Noah Caney (Caney Putterworks founder)

Shopping for new golf clubs inspired me 

A few years ago when trying several new irons, I was surprised by their lack of feel and feedback when striking the ball. Although several “game improvement” sets performed well, how was I going to improve my golf game if I couldn’t tell where on the clubface I hit the ball? 

A better putter should “feel” better 

The same was true when considering the perfect putter. I had used the same trusty Berylium-copper blade putter for nearly twenty years, but I wanted a putter that felt better and let me know when I made a great stroke. I especially didn’t want to be handicapped by a sweet spot that was too small or a club that was too forgiving and lacked feel. 

A better putter should also look great 

For many golfers (like me), club design is also an important criteria for selection, yet nothing in the current choice of putters truly excited me. Most designs are variations of the original PING Answer club, or they look like some technological contraption. I wanted a putter that I enjoyed looking at and would help create positive thoughts. 

Developing the perfect wood-core putter 

The mass and hardness of metal may be best for driving a golf ball, but a putting stroke is relatively light – from a delicate tap to a moderate stroke – so the concept of a wood-faced metal putter was very appealing. Club head experiments evolved into a metal perimeter form surrounding a wood-core face in a design that successfully balances the functional attributes of both materials. 

“Not only does the M11 mallet putter look great. It has great feel. I could not have purchased a better putter.” Roger, Kansas

The results are impressive (and beautiful) 

Both the CP mallet putter and CP blade putter club heads combine the beauty of pleasing forms with the richness of exotic hardwoods in a clean organic design. These golf clubs are exceptionally well-balanced and feel great! Some describe the feel as similar to the pleasing contact and sound of a wooden bat hitting a baseball versus the clink of a metal bat. For me, it comes down to more confidence in my putting and more satisfaction playing golf.

Founder/Owner Noah Caney on the famous Swilcan Bridge at St. Andrews Old Course

cp mallet putter koa wood - caney putterworks

M11 mallet putter with koa wood core